3D Study Maze


Initial state

I love learning, and I want to study more, so I went to Udacity.com, and Coursera.org. Unfortunately, I found watching lectures terribly boring. Although I can focus on listening and understanding them well, it is not my preferred mode of learning. My preference is -- to dig and explore rather than watch and listen. I started asking: why do I find it effortless to focus on watching a 1.5 hour detective film or a TED talk which tells a story, but I don't get the same pleasure from watching a lecture?

Goal state

My goal was to make learning as pleasurable as watching a detective movie. I asked myself, what features of movies make me able to focus on them well? The answer came from my video art lectures I had taken before: the suspense. Suspense is a feature of a state of affairs, when there are important questions unanswered, and we don't know how the story will unfold, yet we want to know it, because it will explain us how the things actually are. It is what keeps soap opera watchers watching on to see what's next. It is what keeps game players addicted. Plain curiosity in a loop, but there are plenty of other factors all too well known by film directors, like the kind of background music, which are used in creating movies and games, but not educational material.

A Solution

In A Nutshell

Make a 3D video game of navigating a maze, where theory is described on the walls of rooms, and in order to open the doors between rooms, you have to solve problems based on the theory in previous rooms. Here is one main plot line that I had thought about.

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