The Freedom of People Lies in Free Automation

One of the greatest weak links for people's freedom is the connection of monetary system to life supplies: food supply, housing and transportation, and ultimately, energy supply. To free itself, the public has to automate, and own the means of automation of the supply of the goods needed for life.*, Mindey, 2010...

It was the time when I had already finished my undergraduate in mathematics and its applications program at VMU. Inspired by the friend at I chose to write my graduation thesis on kernel methods rather than the theory of Lévy processes and financial mathematics. By having done some work related to artificial intelligence technologies, I realized how much can be automated, and wrote these words above.

What this blog will since now be about, is the automation of self. I had one or other way started doing it: from writing scripts that automate the collection of data from various sources, to scripts that extract statistics from data, to scripts that take actions based on these statistics. I had developed my own framework for that, had been writing a commonly shared non-public class of functions, and making progress towards that end. It's what I happened to find myself doing, it's what I'll often have some useful things to say about, and write it in my blog.

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Mindey, 2013-10-30