Why You Should Invest in Information Processing Capabilities

Improving information processing capabilities:

1) Gave birth to life. Over four billion years ago, when first life forms appeard, they continued to exist, because certain molecules (like RNA) were able to process information, i.e., copy, and that was useful for survival;

2) Gave birth to sex. Over a billion years ago, when the first sexually-reproducing life had appeared, sexual reproduction proliferated, because certain molecules (DNA) were able to process information, i.e., transmit genes, and that was useful for divergent combinatorial exploration of evolutionary paths, some of which were better fit for survival in the ever changing environment;

3) Gave birth to brain. Hundreds of millions of years ago, when the first life forms with brain had appeared, that organ had proliferated, because certain cells (like neural cells) were able to process information, i.e., transmit electrical signals (copy quickly over a distance), and that was useful for quick search for best combinations of actions in the changing environment (i.e., modelling of the world), useful for survival;

4) Gave birth to culture. Tens of thousands of years ago, when the first written text had appeared, it continued to be used, because of the ability for ideas to survive, and thus allowing for the processing of information over timescales far exceeding human lifespan, which gave birth to scientific research spanning millenia (allowing for better modelling of the world, and thus, better foresight, resulting in better survival potential);

5) Gave birth to modern life. Just recently, some good models allowed for the invention of computer, and the Internet, that is inherently robust to destruction, and tends to continue to exist because certain objects are able to process information (i.e., compute, copy, transmit) on an unprecedented scale, and that is useful for the survival of that information.

6) May give birth to Singularity. Technologies are advancing primarily because of processing information, and it is nothing but the increasing processing capabilities that are predicted to bring about the technological singularity.

By "induction", if you want to survive, everyone -- it is reasonable to consider some serious investment into more advanced information processing capabilities XD

Who are you, if not your memories and dreams,.. ?
and your ability to think, and act.

Copy to survive!