Zero to Infinity

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    Support for Development and hosting Public-Benefit bank of Questions, Ideas, and Projects at

    The video introductions about the initiative are provided here

    Support my efforts to address the following issues.

    Problem 1 -- The Knowledge Acquisition: representing the procedural knowledge openly in public, so everyone can know how to make things they see, even without money.

    Problem 2 -- The Entry Barrier: creating the conditions for people to make a living from working on ideas they love, without the marketing barrier.

    Problem 3 -- The Being Together: creating the conditions to allow friends to quit their jobs, and start working on what they love, and be together.

    Problem 4 -- Defining world's goal: searching for the de-facto world's goals by creating the conditions that allow people to openly pursue what they truly want.

    Problem 5 -- Creating friendly A.I.: designing an open risk management system, which, extended with the statistical learning and recommendation systems on its data, could work as a friendly, open, non-hidden, self-explanatory A.I. system that optimizes the returns globally for the world, and not just for a small subset of closed organizations.

    Problem 6 -- Global language barrier: creating a place where people can cross the language barrier, when talking about global problems and their solutions.

    You may find the specific work results resulting from your contributions here.