Friendship Meeting

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    Like my ideas? Have your ideas?

    Feel free to get a friendship meeting with me.

    There are at least 3 ways we can find each other useful.

    Option 1: Collaborative

    Know mathematics? Programming? Find similar things (123) exciting? I am very interested in high-impact ideas and ventures. There are a lot of ways in which we could do self-actualizing meaningful work together in a group of intellectually attractive people!

    Some practice-proven ways to collaborate on-line:

    Making appointments for on-line collaborations using Google Calendar. (See my my free appointments slots calendar, and add events to meet me on-line in any free times. Or add me as a guest - then I'll receive an e-mail invitation.) Currently I live in Northern Europe, by UTC time.

    Communication tools that I love to use include:

    1. Wire and Telegram.
    2. SSH and TMUX.
    3. VNC and XPRA.
    4. Chalkboards and drawing tablets, and seeing other participants' video.
    5. Syncthing for exchange of files, and many other tools. 

    Option 2: Networking

    Realizing that certain ideas mean modifying the products of other people. For instance, Google would certainly be interested in the idea of transforming Google AdWords platform to allow businesses place real-life problems as challenges inside a 3D Study Maze-game-like education platform, but need to get this idea across. I can't modify Google AdWords without actually working with them.

    Option 3: Financing

    Have financial resources? Help us get some specialists' time! Great ideas need specialists who are productive in development of a variety of important projects based on visionary ideas.