Technology Consulting & Idea Analytics

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    Let's have an estimate.

    Take any idea, -- I provide a technique to help you estimate the  time and resources it will take for you to bring it to market, based on statistics, and experiences of experts, and help in the process.

    You will be able to customize the estimate by changing assumptions, adding your data and knowledge into the estimation process in order to come up with a realistic plan, and get a confidence interval for the amount of resources that guarantee the success with  set degree of reliability.

    Moreover, you will get access to my expertise in the fields of mathematics, statistics, machine learning, deep learning, bioscience, as well as my command of foreign languages, such as Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Lithuanian.

    This will give you access to my intercultural networks in Eastern Europe and East Asia, abundant in skilled human resources from wonderful data scientists in China, to excellent software developers in Ukraine to creative marketers  in Lithuania and Ireland.

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    Idea Analysis


    Every ideator or inventor, comes up with their ideas in specific circumstances, where they understand, that adding something will result in something of much greater value to them.

    Idea analysis begins from understanding this value to my customer. I ask questions, like -- what do you expect, as an end result of the realization of your idea.

    Viable Paths

    I then rely on my expertise in planning to derive viable paths for its realization. If you have a technically elaborate idea already, I can focus on your design variant, to estimate the costs it might take to bring it to market. On the other hand, if you have only rought idea of the principle, I can come up with viable options to take to develop that software with scalable technologies, and achieve its full potential. In any case, idea analysis produces options -- a number of alternative projects that you could possibly take, and their most likely outcomes, with confidence intervals for extreme cases, focusing on the end-result that you pursue.

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    Data Science

    Statistics and Machine Learning

    With my extensive training in mathematics and statistics, and a few publications in machine learning-based classification and semantic ontology, and extensive experience working with learning algorithms from extracting features and recognizing 3D protein structures to analyzing timeseries to automate investment, I can help you with broad range of problems.. If you already have your algorithm, I can help you scale it. If not, I can help you develop it.

    Software Development

    Having extensive training in best practises of object-oriented software developing, and working with software deveopers every day, I know what it takes to bring your algorithms to production.

    I can provide advice on structure of your infrastructure, and consult on choice of backend technologies to system health monitoring, and everything you need to scale it.  Moreover, if you are into the newest front-end technologies, I can give recommendations there too.

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    Exponential Techniques

    If you are a startup with exponential mind-set, you want to automate the user acquisition through ingenious growth-hacks. I will give you advice and suggestions on how to design referral systems, and collect leads from every registering user. My strategic partner specializes in it, and provides high quality growth hacks.

    When you are a startup, you might not have the deep pockets of an established corporation, but skilled programming can make up for it.

    ROI Mindset

    If you are in the growth stage, where selling an extra offer results in revenue, I can recommend ways to set up your PayPerClick marketing campgaigns, and discover the nitches of click-spaces. I work with a team that specializes to work with industry clients, helping the established industries to stay ahead.

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    Have an Idea?

    Idea Analytics for Ventures

    I am available between: 00:00 ~ 16:00 UTC