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Education directly and profoundly affects our ability as a species to solve problems. Imagine how much more problem solving power we had, if we turned Khan Academy into an adventurous massively multiplayer game, where except shooting people had to solve mathematical problems. Imagine how much more leverage businesses and academia had, if they could use Google AdWords to place real-life problems inside the study environments like this one below.

As of 2012 Nov 14, I am continuing to work on 3D Study Maze.
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Upcoming problems

  • Make the room levels with videos and problems import automatically from from Khan Academy via Khan Academy API.
  • Make it so that each poster could have active zone, so we could add audio to each poster, and have for instance a book page read aloud to a user who approaches it in the maze.
  • Make it so that creators of mazes could define an e-mail address where to send the answers to each problem, and the creators could issue unlock codes.

Past problems solved: