By "projects," I mean the works that I had done, because I had wanted to realize a concept that I had come up with. They are imperfect incarnations of my own ideas. Note that this page is under construction.

The Infinity Project

As of yet publicly unannounced project, focusing on creating infrastructure for mankind to define and pursue goals at all levels of society.

HiveCell Project

As of yet publicly unannounced project, focusing on creating new means of habitation on the Earth and beyond.

3D Study Maze

3D Study Maze is the simple program that allows people to create 3-dimensional labyrinths for studying. The study material, such as video clips, pictures, and books can be placed on the walls of the virtual rooms, tunnels between rooms can easily be created, and then the problems with their solutions can be added as barriers needed to pass to go from one room to another. You can quite quickly create the rooms such as in the video on the right. More information on usage and contribution to the project can be found at Google Code project 3d-study-maze . (Today, I would love to rewrite this with . Look at the demos


Video Player Control Web Synch

VLCIRC is an extremely simple script that allows thousands of people to watch high-quality videos together. The script connects to an IRC channel, and lets users issue commands that control the VLC players on their respective systems. The advantage is that it requires almost no bandwidth, so you can talk over Skype while watching super-high quality video, even on low bandwidth connections. You can quickly play movies across computers, as shown in the video on the right. More information can be found at Github project: vlcirc. is my early attempt to collect procedural knowledge of mankind, much like Wikipedia is collecting declarative knowledge. I came up with the idea as a result of scarcity, financial inequality, and the realization that we don't need money to make things we want, in much the same spirit as currently active project by Marcin Jakubowski. If you want to reverse-engineer the civilization, please, support his project. There's a lot of world's know-how still hidden in the history of to-do lists of private organizations.

Earth Language Chat

Earth Language Chat is an IRC chat for learning/experimenting with a pictographic artistic constructed language, called "Earth Language." Wishing the more peaceful world, Yoshiko McFarland, born on the day of Pearl Harbor attacks, had created a candidate for a culturally neutral language. The creation started in 1988, and many people had contributed, including a Jo Chen (German friend of Yoshiko), who created the non-conventional font that lets you type the ideograms extremely fast. Wishing to contribute to its wider use, I had created a chat room based on that font, where you can chat in that language, provided you have installed the font: (Works best with Firefox. May occasionally be offline, as it runs on my home computer.)


By "imposals," I mean the works that are not incarnations of my ideas and my intentions, but were done by me (or I had contributed to doing them) because in certain circumstances I was either required to do them, or doing them was in the best interest of my professional (or financial) growth, or they were helpful (or necessary) steps in realizing an important idea, of which I myself was (or am) passionate about.

Django-based site that lets clients register, and order payperclick ads optimisation services.

A drupal, ubercart-based site, that lets people buy Lithuanian Litas for bitcoins.

Prestashop-based web shop, that lets people buy office furniture in Lithuania.


Paper on mereological considerations for semantic ontology.

Work on protein 3D structure feature extraction for quick protein retrieval by shape.

BA Graduation Thesis: "Applications of Kernel Methods in Classification Tasks in Coronary Artery Stenosis Prognostication"

BA Term paper: "Infinite Divisibility of Probability Distributions" (including a proof of infinite divisiblity of each of the distributions defined by characteristic functions:
(where ) into an indivisible and an infinitely divisible component.)


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