I'm focused on many things. I maintain the operations of, and work on my pet projects.

I find time to work with several startups with friends, and do strategic and technical consulting below.

Strategic Consulting

Problem analysis and advice

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Check my store for appropriate items.

black flat screen computer monitor


Hands-on coworking.

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I try to automate the repetitive tasks that occur during my consulting services through writing automations, which I will make available as high-scale services in the future. I also am working on several physical products, that I plan sell at scale in the future as well.

Will be possible to buy my bot time, the bot that can install or do some repetitive task.

This will be a physical shippable product as a present to help people, but especially kids and elderly to discover their dreams.

Another physical shippable product to help non-neurotypical friends to discover attractive minds.