An inter-regional hub for concepts, ideas, projects and products.

Mission: An over-arching mission of Infinity is to help humanity collectively define and pursue its goals, and becoming the "I" of "AI", and at the same time understand itself through a simple semantic model.

Background: The project started as an idea of "a website explaining how a to engineer everything from scratch". My conclusion was that this could only be possible if people and companies would document what they did at the same time as they do it, and share that educationally, because otherwise, creating such education resource would require too much time. So, I came up with key ingredients in such process, where by doing projects, people automatically teach others how they do them: I've introduced a process of enterprise:

  1. Raising questions ("concepts"),
  2. Sharing answers ("ideas"), 
  3. Running projects ("companies"),
  4. Sharing products ("markets"). 

Future: At this point, I think that the future of this hub, is in its decentralization, where companies and individuals create public knowledge through sharing bits of good work with the public through ERP data fusion over P2P and cryptographic consensus protocols, and I see Odoo — a Python-based open source ERP — as instrumental for this mission, when we sync data between participating nodes to create such collective knowledge map. I see current Infinity — as a prototype for ontology of such sync-hub, which would evolve into decentralized hub in the future, as everyone takes back their data from cloud into their personal home AIs.

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Hive Cell

A universal capsule-hotel-like car connectable into buildings and spaces.

A pet project of mine, where I'm experimenting with new form of living with friends.

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Study Maze

A 3D labyrinth game for students: theory on the walls, problem solutions unlock the doors.

A pet project of mine, where I'm experimenting with fusion of education, work, entertainment and social networking.

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