Curiosity, creativity together.


"I am formed by interaction with others. They create me as I create them."
- Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion/NGE)

I'm Mindey, author of this website. I'm a physical person originating from Vilnius, Lithuania (Earth).  I'm interested broadly in understanding and improving Everything. I am particularly interested in bringing about and scaling worthwhile inventions. To do that, I engage with individuals and companies towards particular ideas that may bring positive impact for the world, and building a platform to exchange and work on them on-line, called "0 ⇢ ∞ / wefindx.com".

My current 3 favorite ideas that I try to work on, are:

    (1) Fintank"Financial Think-Tank."  (2005)  

    To help the world collectively define and pursue goals, and preserve know-how for future generations.  

    (2) XMaze"Metaverse Education and Work."  (2012)

    To make education and work addictive like a suspenseful movie or a videogame.

    (3) Hivecell"Mobile Capusle Hotel." (2015)

    To enable people to live, connect and work more freely and flexibly on Earth and beyond.

I try to consolidate my various projects as separate companies, owned by my portfolio holding company MINDEY LTD in UK. When it comes to co-investment, it is either I sell shares to my subsidiaries, or we start new joint-stock companies together, and co-own them.

However, not all of my projects follow this pattern. For example, I run the project "Infinity" as individual, and it has its own funding model, as I believe it is better for it not to incorporate yet.

I'm seeking for intellectual stimulation and impactful co-creation with others.

Work together

It's really more fun to work on projects together than to work on them alone. Therefore, I'm looking forward to finding new partners and friends to work on various novel ideas, with the hope that some of them will bring real positive impact to many people!

I'm Mindey. I'm seeking for intellectual stimulation and impactful co-creation with others.