About Mindey

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"I am formed by interaction with others. They create me as I create them."
- Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion/NGE)

I'm Mindey, author of this website. I'm a physical person originating from Vilnius, Lithuania (Earth).  I'm interested broadly in understanding and improving Everything. I am particularly interested in bringing about and scaling worthwhile inventions. To do that, I engage with individuals and companies towards particular ideas that may bring positive impact for the world, and building a platform to exchange and work on them on-line, called "0 ⇢ ∞ / wefindx.com".

My current 3 favorite ideas that I try to work on, are:

    (1) Fintank: "Financial Think-Tank."  (2005)  
    To help the world collectively define and pursue goals, and preserve know-how for future generations.  

    (2) XMaze: "Metaverse Education and Work."  (2012)
    To make education and work addictive like a suspenseful movie or a videogame.

    (3) Hivecell: "Mobile Capusle Hotel." (2015)
    To enable people to live, connect and work more freely and flexibly on Earth and beyond.

I try to consolidate my various projects as separate companies, owned by my portfolio holding company Mindey LTD in UK. When it comes to co-investment, it is either I sell shares to my subsidiaries, or we start new joint-stock companies together, and co-own them.

However, not all of my projects follow this pattern. For example, I run the project "Infinity" as individual, and it has its own funding model, as I believe it is better for it not to incorporate yet.

I'm seeking for intellectual stimulation and impactful co-creation with others.