MINDEY LTD is to hold shares of other companies in dealings with potential investors into potential new businesses (SIC: 64991) based on novel ideas, and to do direct R&D (SIC: 72190) into creation of intellectual property of those ideas (SIC: 77400) as well as physical prototypes (SIC: 72190) for those ideas, and sell or leasing of both the IP and possibly automotive prototypes (SIC: 45190).

Aside from co-creation of new companies with other partnering companies on behalf of MINDEY LTD, and receiving or acquiring shares of such companies, I generally expect incoming payments intended to support direct R&D and IP development, or payments for sales of the shares of companies, or payments from sales of produced experimental or production level automoative vehicles, and outgoing payments to payments to suppliers in the processes of such R&D and IP development, or payments for acquisitions of shares of new companies, and payments for generic expensess associated with running the business.