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Let Everything Exist! ⭑

A curious random process that wants to explore and optimize all universes.

⭑ Everything, that anyone wishes truly .  

Computing together

Bored working alone? Let's optimize together!

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Let's math and physics
what's lifely possible!


Entropy F has trained mutating replicators to pursue goal Y called "information about the entropy to counteract it". This "information" is us. It is the world model F', which happened to be the most helpful in solving our equation F(X)=Y for actions X, maximizing our ability to counteract the entropy. We are life: the extropy X.

I believe the best way to predict (or to model) the future, is to is to create it, so F induces both our model F' about factual reality, and the desired future world Y.

Let's build our Information Rocket ⭑ !

Join the effort to reach extropic escape velocity to get out of this entropic well.

⭑ Information rockets: the things that make us fly into the future, and not get stuck in the past.

Examples: RNA, DNA, Neuron, Speech, Writing, Wire, Radio, Tape, Disk, Integrated Circuit, Fiber, Camera, Screen, Scanner, Printer, Refrigerator, Brain-Computer Interface!